Loss can be a good thing

Loss can be a good thing

The root word of loss is linked with losing. We associate both with negativity.  Early on in life we we learn losing is rarely the preferred option. Loss is usually associated with something negative; a possession disappears, tie or opportunities squandered. Losing is not what we want. Yet by not winning it does not mean that through loosing we are not gaining.

When we loose something, we are stuck by the absence of what was or could be. We  forget how often loosing can be a good thing. We have yet to adjust to the new opportunity.

Dieters celebrate lost weight. Losing your job, a possession, an opportunity, or friend, can be a good thing. Although  the initial perspective may be negative, for terminated individuals, the end perspective can be more empowering as there new positions exceeded their previous positions. Reflecting on my losses in life, I can see how it became a good thing. When truth is told, typically sluggishness was present. The lost item no longer enhanced my life and truth be told – the loss was often a blessing in disguise. New opportunities quickly surfaced and found their way into the void. Loss typically allows for the correction of realigning yourself with your potential. Through loss we reflect on what is important and realize new  opportunities await.

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