Violent new beginnings

Violent new beginnings

Beginning stages can be violent or can create an upheaval. There are multiple examples throughout nature; mammals, birds, seeds, butterflies all emerge from a protective shell.  The cocoon that holds must break if birth is to occur.  There is a point in time when the protective womb that contains and nourishes us begins to confine us.  New territories must be pursued or we will be smothered.  Birth occurs when we venture forth.

Snakes perpetually outgrow their old skins.  As humans we too must, continually let go, in order for life to unfold.  When we reach that point of feeling the pressure surround us it does not mean we should stop.  The tension is from pressure that restrains.  Staying confined serves no one, and eventually smothers.  The pressure is indicative of the need to break through to the next level.  Gaining freedom and ease along the way.

After the break through there is the ability to stretch and move in new ways.  We gain freedom and ease of movement. Embracing the rough starts is all part of creating.  Breaking out is critical to release the physical or mental constraints that confine us.  Like any birth in life, tension erupts into calm and tranquility. That which starts in turmoil will find its own rhythm and balance and when it does, one can rest easy.

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