Empowering others creates Self – Empowerment.

Empowering others creates Self – Empowerment.

Empowerment involves expanding our ability to give credit where credit is due, while encouraging hopes and dreams.  We treat others the way we treat ourselves.  Empowering others assists us in gaining more personal power for ourselves.  If we can acknowledge someone else, then we have the rudimentary ability to acknowledge ourselves on similar subject matter.  Through learning to encourage others more, we expand our capacity to encourage ourselves.

Complimenting someone gives us the capacity to compliment ourselves.  Recognizing a job well done enables us to acknowledge our own parallel efforts.  The more we encourage another’s efforts and accomplishments, the more we can encourage our own.  Forgiving or have compassion for others errors and those less than idyllic moments, reflects our abilities to forgive our own mistakes.  Acknowledging someone’s efforts, ideas, or dreams allows us to do the same for ourselves.  Improving our ability to empower others strengthens our ability to empower ourselves, hence enabling us to achieve more.

Focusing on what is possible and the positive, strengthens people.  Empowering others strengthens our sense of self.  As we give to another, a trace of the essence of what we have given remains with us.

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