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Prescription – a health dose of anxiety

Prescription – a health dose of anxiety

If you are feeling anxious – don’t assume it is all for nothing. Anxiousness is often immediately perceived as negative. Anxiety itself is not 100% bad. Anxiousness comes because we are worried or concerned, about the end result of an upcoming event. Bluntly put: people who don’t care – don’t care. If you don’t care about the end result you won’t be anxious. Being prone to anxiety can also mean you are prone to competency.  People with anxiety issues are often strong planners.  Anxiety is a signal that you have a bigger commitment. That concern we feel will have us put in extra attention to ensure a job well done. Successful people are anxious from time to time. People with high standards or high goals are interested and concerned about the outcome.

Anxiety can be a sign of growth. Typically anxiety occurs when we are tackling a new assignment. Perhaps we are taking on a challenge that is unfamiliar to us. We could be entering into new situations that lead to unfamiliar territory. Anxiety is often part of learning, new circumstances, or new events. We are stretching ourselves. If you were never anxious about anything, my concern would be that perhaps you aren’t growing or taking on new challenges. As the saying goes, ‘a ship in harbour is safe but that’s not what ships were built for/.

Take the kink out

Take the kink out

I had a book as a child – it talked about inventions that man had made inspired by their animal counter parts.  From the anteater (vacuum) to the elephant’s trunk) garden hose  Nature and working with nature’s design can be extremely effective.

As a child I would  also watch my father take the newspaper into the washroom in the evenings disappearing for 30-45 minutes at a time. There are many things that I didn’t know then that  I have learnt since.  I wish I could go back in time, given him the information I now know and alleviate a daily challenge for him.

We all understand the conceit of being in the garden and when a garden hose is kinked it stops the pressure.  Some of us may have even played tricks on our friends with a water fight and the ability to kink the house was a saving grace at times.  Or perhaps someone drove over a hose and stopped the pressure all together. The greater the bend in the hose the greater the kink and thus the harder it is to water the garden. For  maximum effectiveness a straight hose is preferred.   We all know this and learnt it as a child.

Years ago, upon request a friend built me a wooden foot stool.   A handy commodity which I appreciated as it made certain jobs easier.

Our bodies are built in such a way that the bodies internal hose is fully kinked(closed) while standing and fully open while squatting.   A coworker was uncomfortable one day as a result of a  biological back up.   I suggested that he bring in a foot stool when he went home to sit.   He was amazed at the speed of his results.

Sometimes we need to contend with the kink. In lieu of slipping a foot stool into your pocket or purse when traveling, be it local day trips  or longer foreign excursions  you can always kick up your Vitamin C intake as it will lubricate the passage way.   When one is fighting a cold or flu or other infection – you know you have reached the saturation point necessary to support the immune system when the pipes are well greased.  When packing to go abroad  as an alternative to grandmas prunes you can pack the Vitamin C – for  double the insurance.