Every hero has a mission

Every hero has a mission

In fairy tales the heroic slayed dragons and rescued princesses. Their life went beyond self-serving interests to extending beyond themselves to aid others. Protecting, guiding, and assisting the less fortunate made them noble regardless of their success. We salute their cause and their effort. Their purpose gave them a reason to move forward into areas of discomfort, overcoming possible fears, and encountering less than idyllic conditions.

The size of one’s purpose isn’t critical. Providing a focus and direction for one’s actions is key. A desire to improve or change current circumstances for another can be enough. Something as simple as parents creating Halloween costumes, or giving someone a ride can be enough to stimulate the heroic mindset. In those favour-granting moments where we have a task that extends beyond ourselves our energy shifts.

Living with a purpose allows us access to new levels of creativity and ingenuity. Ideas and solutions just emerge enabling us to troubleshoot our way to a solution. Partnering with those around us creating forged bonds, our connectedness in intention overrides petty differences. A synergy is created through our commitment to something more. Having a purpose makes all that we do meaningful.

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