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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydration and Oxygenation are VERY important cornerstones for health maintenance and that much more important for healing.

Hydration –
We all know that drinking lots of fluids (ideally water, lemon water, or herbal tea) is a good thing and that ideally our urine should be clear or pale in colour – yellow urine is a sign of dehydration (B vitamins will turn urine yellow – but it is a different shade of yellow)

Oxygenation –
Remembering to take deep breaths throughout the day (my friend Darwin would say hourly.) – deep inhalations brings in more oxygen than shallow breathing. ( deep breathing also helps to move the Lymphatic system)
HP Solution – the focus of this blog
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – more on that elsewhere

From the book The truth about Hydrogen Peroxide (P 11) – Oxygen rich red blood cells travel through the capillaries single file. If the cell is de-oxygenated or damaged it will clump with other cells blocking blood flow and increasing blood pressure.

HP also helps with Type II diabetes.

The HP Solution will be bringing the body an increased supply of oxygen – that is all it does -( H202 vs H2O. ) The extra oxygen will help the cells function (repair, detoxify, maintenance, etcetera) better thus HP is a useful tool for addressing both inflammation and pain issues related to injury or repetitive strain as well as trauma based injuries.

The goal is to bring the oxygen to the cells – this can be done through oral consumption or external application. As the body circulates the oxygen to the cells it will work its way through and around the body to the required spots – then the cells can do what they know how to do.    I’ve seen inflammation and pain dissipate quickly on more than one occasion.

What I do.
I acquire FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide from a Health food store. ( Not all stores carry it – so you may have to ask around)
The drug store stuff has stabilizers in it – which is an issue, so not that stuff, the extra effort to go further afield is worth it.

Normally it is sold as 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
After buying the Hydrogen Peroxide. (HP) I make up some 3% HP Solution

From the 35% food grade HP I dilute it with distilled water at a 1:11 ration. One(1) part 35%HP to eleven(11) parts distilled water – this will create a 3% HP solution.
A two cup measuring cup is perfect, as it will hold 12 (1+11=12) ounces of fluid and has a pour spout for transferring into the smaller bottles or into a jar for storage.

Put this solution into the spray bottles to have on hand and close by at ALL times. The more it is used the better.

Glass bottles are preferred but most dollar stores have travel size plastic bottles – which are great. Either with a spray, pump or simple flip top for dispensing small amounts.

What it does

Hydrogen Peroxide = H202 is 2 parts Hydrogen to 2 parts Oxygen.
Water is H2O 2 parts Hydrogen to 1 part oxygen.

By increasing the amount of Oxygen in the body it will help the body heal, reducing both the pain and inflammation

How to Use it. ( you can;t really use it too much – Ideally a little bit all day long so the body is receiving an increased supply of oxygen all day. Use will be based on taste and remembering to use it – ideally there will be consumption/ application all day long. )

I have done this as a daily practice just for health maintenance and to improve cellular function – so anyone/everyone can do this.
My mentor does this way more than I do, several of my friends have incorporated it into their health regime by using it on the vulnerable spots in their body.

Ways to use it.

Sometimes when I am applying a body lotion I’ll squirt some into my hand and rub them both in together.

The most common is to Spray directly on to the skin – all parts of the body. ( after a shower, when changing, after shaving, down your shirt mid day,, )

Sometimes I’ll pour some in a basin (or into bath water) and use it as a foot bath, letting my feet soak in it while  reading or working at my desk, with or without following up with a pedicure.  Although I”ve never had feet issues, it can help with Athlete’s feet,  gout, fungus, …

One can also  soak the injured body part in HP. This can  either be done with a basin or by soaking a small cloth – (i.e. handkerchief ) and applying directly to the injured/ damaged spots, or any other part of the body needing extra TLC. Secure the cloth into place with safety pins , tensor band clips, or anything else. I did this with my niece.   I took a light hanky sprayed the 3% FGHP all over it until it was nearly saturated and then covered it with a sleeve from a cut up old sweatshirt.  The swelling was gone two hours later when I checked back in and she was ready to do more of the cartwheels and handstands she was doing the night before.

Put 3-5-8-10 drops into beverages consumed. (Max 15-20 drops per glass)
Spray a little bit onto any food consumed
Spray into the air in-front of you while driving so that the air is more oxygenated and you’ll be more alert while driving – particularly useful on long drives.
Spray a little directly into the mouth any time you think of it. (thus the benefit of 4oz travel size bottles that fit in the pocket)

3% FG-HP can be used as a mouth wash, or to take care of athletes feet    Mixing it with baking soda it can also be used as a toothpaste


Other examples of uses.

When a friend (my health mentor)  fell on the ice in the winter, and likely cracked his ribs,  the doctor expected it to take him 4-6 months before he would reach a point of not being in pain.   He was back in the doctors office in under four weeks – pain free.  The pain was gone on the 23rd day – he went through more than a gallon of HP, but given that he couldn’t even lie down in bed the first few days and had to sleep upright in a chair, it made a huge difference., shortening his healing time and letting him return to his active busy life.

When I sprained my ankle, even when I had regained full mobility of it and was walking lots on it, doing my yoga etc. There were times when I could still feel the injury letting me know my ankle was tired. I would take a sock make it wet with HP, put it on and a dry sock on top and crawl into bed for the night.

I would love to hear your success stories and how you’ve used it.