Turning buts into ands

Turning buts into ands

When we talk about hopes and bounce around ideas for the future, what do we hear?   At times there is the purity of the dream  – “One day I”m going to…”. Other times, attached stowaways wreck havoc on our dreams. These stowaways typically begin with the word ‘but’, thus holding us hostage, preventing us from achieving our desires.   We have heard a litany of excuses coming out of our own mouths and those around us.  It is easy to be struck down by the Nay Sayers that hijack our desires so that we end up doubting if it is possible at all.

For example

I would like to return to school  (or insert alternate goal of choice) …..

but, I lack; time, money, …
but, it’s a lot of work
but, I’m too busy, old, young, short, tall, bu
I don’t have the support, contacts, resources,
I don’t know   how
My spouse, doctor, boss, kids, mother ….
I”m afraid of ….
Change it to ” I am going to go back to school  and looking for a way to find the time, money, …” . Alternatively ‘I am going back to school and it’s okay for me to be different than my classmates”.

When the buts become ands your perspective will have made the first shift necessary. With the awareness that it is possible, being one step closer to achieving your goals and dreams.  In wanting to return to school, with no budget, I found a way to apply for a bursary.  One bursary one course one semester.   A small insignificant baby steps perhaps – but it was a step.  The next semester, another bursary another course.  At that point in time I I found a way to eliminate the but and in dismissing the hijacker found a way.   Slow and steadily is an acceptable rate of progress.  With the shift in perspective then your perception will begin looking for the next thing to put into place.  You will find answers to the ‘how can I’ while dismissing the ‘why I can’t’.   You will be on a path of action, regardless of the chosen speed, becoming closer and closer to making your dream a reality.

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